01 March 2017

Dear Dog Show Supporter,

Tri-City Kennel Club, Inc. and the Cedar Rapids Kennel Association, Inc. offer another year of an exciting four day cluster show. The 2017 show also includes the Quad City Dog Obedience Club.

We offer the Boxer, Dalmatian, Papillon, and Bulldog specialties. This show, known as the Five Seasons Cluster will be held at the Amana Colonies, in Amana , IA - Located off of I-80 exit 225 (between Amana and Middle Amana). This year’s show isover Labor Day week end starting Sept 1 st -4 th, 2017. Our approved vendor booths are first come first serve. All set ups will be out doors with the option to rent a canvas tent. Electricity is available for an additional fee if required. Contact for RV reservations is taken by the Amana RV Park (www.amanarvpark.com) . For RV reservation Contact: 800- 471-7616 or 319-622-7616.

Booth space rental fees are as follows:

10 x 10: $160.00 for four days
10 x 20: $200.00 for four days
10 x 30: $240.00 for four days
Electricity (if needed) $40.00 for four days

I hope you are as excited about attending our 2017 cluster dog show as we are about hosting it! This cluster dog show offers much more as the Amanas and surrounding areas offer a great deal of specialty restaurants, bakeries, wineries, arts, crafts, history sites, etc.

The Booth Rental Contract are the next two pages. Please complete, sign, mail to the below address by August 1 st, 2017 with your payment. Please remember vendor space is limited. Feel free to call if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jan Burleson and Mark Jones
Five Season Cluster Vendor Co-Chairs
11850 W County Rd, ORion, IL 61273
Cell: 309-781-8536 or 309-526-8498

GOLF CART RENTALS: Wade's Golf Carts 319-668-2025

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Five Seasons Cluster
2017 Booth Rental Contract
Location: Amana Colonies, Amana, IA - Located Off of I-80 Exit 225

Tri-City Kennel Club, Inc , Cedar Rapids Kennel Association, Inc., and Quad City Dog Obedience are known as the Five Seasons Cluster, will hold their 2017 cluster dog show at theAmana Colonies, in Amana, IA. Located off of I-80 exit 225 (between Amana and Middle Amana).

1. No exclusive rights will be given. There will be a limit of one (1) general supply booth. There will be a maximum of three types of other booths with the exception of dog food companies. All booth spaces will be located outdoors.

2. The Five Seasons Cluster assumes no responsibility for the property of the renter, his agents, or employees from theft, damage by fire, water, accident, or other cause, but will employ reasonable care in the protection against such loss.

3. This contract shall cover only the type of business listed specifically under the ‘Purpose of Space’. Renters will be asked to remove items not specifically contracted.

4. All activity must be confined to the space leased. The space leased under this contract cannot be sublet without the approval of the Five Seasons Cluster committee.

5. All business shall be conducted in an orderly manner and the premises shall be kept clean and free of all litter. All vendors should keep their booths open during show hours. All booths should be removed immediately after Best in Show judging on Monday.

6. The collection of Iowa State Sales Tax is the responsibility of each booth operator. You MUST have an Iowa sales tax # (Iowa State Sales Tax is 7%) you can get a number through their website.

7. Space rental and acceptance of the above terms must be accompanied by a check or money order according to the fee schedule. No reservations will be made without payment in full to Five Seasons Cluster by August 1 st, 2017 . Send check, cashier’s check, or money order with the contract.

8. Booth Chair will send written confirmation by August 15th, 2017 .

9. The Five Seasons Cluster reserves the right to cancel this contract if the above conditions are not met. No refunds will be made after August 1 st, 2017


Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________

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Five Seasons Cluster
2017 Booth Rental Contract
Location: Amana Colonies, Amana, IA - Located Off of I-80 Exit 225

Name of Business: ____________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number:______________________________ Fax: ______________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
City:_______________________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ___________
Email Address:______________________________________________
IA Tax ID: (required)
1. Anticipated time of arrival? ___________________________________________________________________
2. Will you be camping overnight on the show grounds? _______________________________________________
NOTE: Camping fees are not included with the booth space fees and are collected separately by the
Amana RV Park - RV Reservation Contact: 800-471-7616 or 319-622-7616
3. Purpose of Space? __________________________________________________________________________
4. Size of Booth Requested:
  10 x 10 $160.00 for four days    
  10 x 20 $200.00 for four days    
  10 x 30 $240 for four days    
5. You will be set up outdoors. Tent Rental:________________________________________________________
6. Would you be interested in a Catalog Ad? (circle) YES       NO  
Advertising Contact: Debbi M Jones, Advertising Chair milagrobouviers@gmail.com
Full Page 4 1/2 x 7 1/4, Half Page 4 1/2 x 3 5/8, Quarter Page 4 /12 x 1 13/16,
Back Cover, Business Card Section, or Request by a certain breed.
Total Amount Enclosed: ____________________ Check#_________ Date: ______________________
Mail To:          
Jan Burleson, Vendor Chair Mark W Jones, Vendor Co-Chair
11850 West County Road P.O. Box 352
Orion, IL 61273 Coal Valley, IL 61240
Email: burley@frontiernet.net Email: bouv03@gmail.com
Cell: 309-781-8536 Cell: 309-721-3637
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