Day Parking - Camping Information
Amana RV Park

Sept 1st - 4th, 2017

Lot A
  • Area is approximately 35' x 65' with 30 or 50 amp service (converters are available at the office)

  • ONE electrical outlet spot.

  • Vehicles and equipment must be inside of the space. LIMIT 2 Vehichles to one spot.

  • NO overnight parking. Equipment may be left at owner's risk.

  • $32.50 per night.

  • Reservations are assigned first come first served basis. If you wish to park by friends, you must send reservations together.
  • Contact:

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    Camping reservations must be made through the Amana RV Park 319-622-7616. Receive a 10% DISCOUNT if your reservations are made by mid August.

  • Special camp sites have bee set aside(see map). You MUST specify your choice of LOT (not space).

  • Full Service hook-ups are NOT close to the rings.

  • All reserved cluster camp sites have water & electric.

  • For reserved cluster camp sites check map for details.

  • NOTE:
    • Staff Parking: LOT D
    • Handlers-Exhibitors Camping: LOT-I_1-16, LOT-J_1-10, LOT-K_1-10, LOT-L_1-10
    • Beagles LOT-N_1-16
  • Dump station is available at no charge.

  • Amana RV Center policy is NO REFUNDS.
  • Questions:

    Special Message: The Amana Colonies RV Park & Event Center has always enjoyed hosting the Five Seasons Cluster. Our hope is that this show will continue to be a part of our season for many years to come.

    To ensure this happens, it is important for us to make necessary improvements. This year the park will upgrade a number of water and electricity lots with sewer lines to accommodate the major increase in requests for full hook ups.

    The lots to be upgraded are I, J, K, L, and F. This means that we will be able to offer your event 80 additional full hookup sites for 2016! So, we want to make you aware of just two things before we host you again.

    1. First, there will be a price increase for those lots because they are now full hookups.

    2. Second, because there will be underground work done, the sites may not be 100% perfect. We hope to make the sites as good as possible. Yet, if the sites are not up to our standards, we may offer these sites at the water and electric price and allow the sewers to be used. Therefore, we recommend that no one making reservations for those sites pay early to get the 10% discount until late July when the park can evaluate the sites for your event.

    Thank you all for your continued patronage and we look forward to seeing you in 2017.

    Thanks, Park Management.

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